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Instagram: @hagarteach

Teaching and making art with others is my calling.  

I strive to empower young artists and celebrate artistic and divergent ways of thinking while making art education relevant to students' lives. Teaching art starts with listening to students, and understanding how art connects to their social, emotional and intellectual lives. 


The brain learns by making models of the world*, and making art is therefore an essential way of learning and thinking. I encourage this learning by valuing both process and product, and giving students the skills and materials they need to communicate their chosen meaning. By being flexible, encouraging exploration of processes, and building an awareness of the art that surrounds them, I help students conceive and realize their artistic interests and develop an artistic voice.  


I teach at a New York City public school, and in Westchester County, NY. My doctoral studies in art education (ABD) focused on inclusive practices in art education.

* Jeff Hawkins, One Thousand Brains, 2021

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